About Dharma Hill

Dharma Hill is a place for all those who wish for freedom and wisdom. The center is located in a village south of Tel-Aviv, Israel and offers teaching of meditation and Buddhist Dharma: Samadhi (developing mindfulness and meditative concentration), Sila (Ethical way of life based on non-harming and compassion towards all living beings) and Pannya (ever deepening insight into the nature of life and reality). These ways of practice and study lead to the development of awareness, inner peace, joy and compassion towards our own selves and for others

The center hosts study and practice sessions, daylongs and non-residential weekends

There is a meditation hall and a large garden with trees and flowers. The surrounding area is natural and peacefull. The center operates in the ancient spirit of Dana (generous giving from the heart) and it leans on the support of participants

Dharma Hill was founded in May 2016

Whoever you may be – you are welcome to join

For enquiries please contact Muli Glezer muli.glz@gmail.com

For our location – press here


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